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Your Virtual Office - open 24x7

24x7 Virtual Office - You don't need a cast of thousands in your office these days. Not with FairGoCom's Virtual Office on your side 24x7. From having your...

Phone answered in your company name, to...
Qualified callers forwarded to you/your staff,
Surveys conducted,
Prospects qualified,
Click-to-Call for your website,
Toll-free 1300 and 1800 and 13 numbers,
Hosted VoIP PBX,
Voice to Email, SMS marketing done-for-you
...and more.


Every hosted email account at 24x7.net.au puts YOU at the controls, and includes:

Wow! All that for only $12/year, paid in advance.  Just send an email to accounts@fairgocom.net.au and Ted will arrange it.

You can use a mail client like Outlook Express etc., or access your email via the Horde, RoundCube or Squirrelmail web mail interfaces. 
Settings for 24x7 hosted email clients

You can still ring our regular number, 1300 666 247 to submit a support request. Rather than hang on the phone, in seconds leave your request, and we will call you back at our cost.

Please note that we no longer provide any residential services. Most commercial services - and lots of new ones - continue. See here

Cheers as always! :)

Mr Fair Go
p.s. See TheMobileSite to "mobilise" your sales - websites, apps, marketing campaigns, etc.

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