1. Your Dilemma - Live Answer SolutionYou’re losing expensively-generated incoming calls because you’re on the phone (or with a client) and people won’t talk to your Messagebank. Your potential customer moves on to the competition.
  2. You want some time with your family, but you get irritating nuisance calls.  Meantime you don’t want to turn your phone off because there ARE important calls you need to take.
  3. You’d like to save the cost of a receptionist where the main thing they do is answer the phone.

Hire a receptionist?

That’s fine but what happens when she faces the same problem i.e. gets more than one call at the same time?  You can’t hire more receptionists for the same thing and not only that, hiring receptionists will complicate things as you have a new employee.

Send the caller to Messagebank?

Hardly any of them leave a message, and they move on to your competition.

Direct all your calls to an answering service?

You want to take most of your calls yourself, it’s just the overflow calls where you’re bleeding profits. And some of those answering services can become expensive that way. You need to have just the extra calls answered in your company name, handled in an efficient, friendly manner, in an Aussie accent, tailored to your business needs, and at a price you’d consider affordable…


Live Answer SolutionWe are your solution! Live Answering and Overflow Call Management service means your call is not lost, but forwarded to a live person who courteously takes the call, and instantly sends you the details.  You are in control.  Respond or not: it’s your call. What can you do about this problem?

There is a way!

Your extra incoming calls can now be easily intercepted by our Live Answer service. We tailor the way our friendly Australian Call Centre guys ‘n’ gals answer your callers. We have operators waiting to take your calls, 24×7 every day of the year.

They answer in your business name, and when speaking to a living person, way fewer people refrain from leaving a message.  Because the caller is assured you will return their call shortly, they don’t go on to call your competitors.

The Live Answer operator can even ask a series of questions to pre-qualify them if you like, saving you more time. They can also forward the caller to a nominated number, thus becoming a Virtual Receptionist that you only have to pay while they are talking.  (More on this below)
Bonus: this makes it look like you are a much bigger operation than you might be, thus increasing your new customer’s confidence in you as one of the more reliable businesses.

How do I get the messages?

Our Live Answer personnel instantly send you an email and optionally an SMS as well.   You get the message flashed up in front of you anywhere.

Now YOU can decide what to do about it.  You can ignore that nuisance, and instead call that important customer.

Isn’t this very technical?  Can I handle setting it up?

If you can use a phone to call someone, you can do this.  All you need to do is pick up your phone and enter a sequence of numbers one time, to set it up.  We give you the exact sequence so you can do it yourself in a few seconds.

How much does it cost me for this service?

Plans start at $30/month for fifteen included calls.  Excess calls are $2 each.  Start there and see how it goes.  If you start getting more than 20 calls/month regularly, we’d recommend you move to a higher plan with more included calls.  There is no setup fee, but we ask for the first month in advance.

Catches?  Long contracts that I can’t get out of?

Nope.  Month to month only.  Cancel anytime with 30 day’s written notice.  (Email is fine)

Can I see all the messages together myself?

Sure, we give you access to an interface that lets you see all your calls and messages.  Another bonus is that if you instantly forward from a 1300 number you see the Caller Number Display for the incoming caller, so even if they don’t leave a message you can choose to return the call. (We provide 1300 and 1800 numbers for businesses too.  Click here.)

Headset GirlCan I have the messages going to multiple emails/phones?

Of course.  One SMS message per call is included in the price, so there will be a small surcharge for extra SMS messages, and you can have the messages sent to as many email addresses as you like.

I want it!  How do I get it today?

Simple.  Call 1300 666 247 anytime and say you want the Live Answer Service set up.  Or you can do it online via the form below.

Plans and Pricing





BRONZE-LA $30 15 $2.50 each
SILVER-LA $60 30 $2.40 each
GOLD-LA $100 60 $2.35 each
PLATINUM-LA $150 100 $2.30 each

ON-FORWARDING OPTION: Have your operator forward specified callers to another number. Fixed-line anywhere in AU 9c/minute* or Mobile anywhere in AU 32.5c/minute*.


Two simple steps to getting started...

  1. Complete Form Below
  2. Choose payment Method: Online (PayPal) -or- Print, and return Authority (Credit Card or Direct Debit)
If you are not sure about some of the options, do your best and then please ask a question in the Message field at the bottom. And you can always change how it works later. 🙂
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NB: Your carrier will probably charge a small monthly fee for Time-based forwarding

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